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SkillsUSA NC Monday Memo

Each week, SkillsUSA North Carolina communicates with its members and partners through the Monday Memo.  This is our main method of communication and our only way to keep you informed of important events, deadlines, etc.  This memo contains essential information for every classroom instructor, including:

  • Upcoming Events

  • Free Curriculum Resources 

  • Contest Information

  • Chapter Management Tools

  • Scholarship Information 

  • Resources for Your Classroom

  • and much more

If you are not currently subscribed to the Monday Memo, you can do so below.  Please select the category that is most appropriate for you.


Click the division you would like to subscribe to below.  If you are at community college and have both High School/CCP AND Postsecondary Participants, please select the Postsecondary list. 

Middle School

High School 

Postsecondary (Community College, etc.)

Monday Memo Past Issues

Click on the appropriate division:


High School

Middle School



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