PostSecondary Leadership Workshop

For Students and Advisors!

2 Locations This Year!!


September 24 - WEST - Catawba Valley Community College, Hickory

Registration Deadline - September 17

October 1 - EAST - Wayne Community College, Goldsboro

Registration Deadline - September 24

9am-3pm.  Lunch Included for All Registered Participants!

$20 per participant (Student and Advisor/Instructor)


Information Packet - Click Here


Looking for a way to energize & empower you students through your SkillsUSA chapter? 

Interested in finding the key aspects in getting your SkillsUSA chapter started?


STUDENTS – This workshop will help students find their “start” button through action-oriented high-energy and motivational programming.  Students will experience sessions that will hone their leadership skills & personal development, not only as local SkillsUSA members, but as leaders in the workforce.  Students will understand how to lead their local chapter and provide growth opportunities for their fellow members.

INSTRUCTORS/ADVISORS – This workshop will help instructors/advisors identify key elements to facilitating and guiding effective local chapters and engage their students throughout the school year.  Action-oriented high-energy programming applies to advisor learning too! 


This workshop will include:

  • Facilitating Leadership

  • Effective Chapter Meetings

  • An Annual Program of Work

  • Building Effective Teams

  • Develop Chapter Officers

  • Connecting Your Framework

  • Chapter Excellence Program

Students and Advisors/Instructors will engage with a variety of topics and activities:

  • Why be involved in SkillsUSA?

  • How will SkillsUSA help my student-members achieve their goals?

  • Why have a SkillsUSA chapter at my school?

  • What will my chapter look like and how will it function?

  • What can I do in my chapter that will benefit my career?

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