As information is made available for each contest area, we will update the state and regional standards below.  Please check back frequently as items will be updated as they are made available to us from the contest chairpersons.  If nothing has been posted yet, please refer to the National Technical Standards to begin your preparations and check back for updates.


  • Conference & Competition Packet 2022   Coming this fall.

Download this packet by clicking on the Packet above to find out key details for regional & state competition including registration information, deadlines, locations, payment procedures, etc.


This list contains all official contests that will be offered at this year's State Conference. Click the title to download.  The Contest List for 2022 will be coming this fall.

  • Hotel Reservation Forms for State Conference Greensboro 

** You must complete and email BOTH of these forms in order for your reservations to be processed.

Master School Form        

Rooming List Spreadsheet


  • Other Fillable Forms

Medical Form

Special Needs Form

Level 1 Verification Form

Core Verification Form

All national level contest standards can be found in the National Technical Standards (Professional Membership Benefit).  All contests at the regional, state and national level are based on these standards (though modifications are made at the regional and state level based off of space, time, and resources).  The National Technical Standards are available FREE to all advisors once they have joined as professional members.  Once you join as a SkillsUSA professional member, you will receive an access code for the National Technical Standards and previous national contest projects (if applicable).  CLICK HERE to JOIN SkillsUSA and get access to the standards.

2019 Conference Program

Contest Standards


Below you will find information pertaining to North Carolina State Competitions.  Contest information will be updated as information becomes available from each contest Technical Committee.  Please refer to the National Technical Standards for tool lists and other critical information where noted.  Scroll to the bottom to see contests available for MIDDLE SCHOOL students.

NOTE THE YEAR IDENTIFIED for Contest Projects - 2022 is THIS YEAR'S PROJECT.  2020 is the project from the last scheduled live contest 2 years ago - it remains posted only for reference.


  • 3D Visualization & Animation:  Pre-Conference Assignment - coming soon National Standards & Check Back for Updates

  • Action Skills:  See National Standards

  • Additive Manufacturing:   See National Standards   State Project - 2020    Regional Project 2020 

  • Adobe Digital Design:   Standards

  • Adobe Video Design:   Standards

  • Adobe Visual Design:   Standards

  • Advertising Design:  See National Standards 

  • American Spirit:  See National Standards

  • Architectural Drafting:  See National Standards

  • Audio/Radio Production:  See National Standards

  • Automated Manufacturing Technology:  See National Standards

  • Automotive - Beginner (formerly Auto 1):   Standards    Contest Info  

  • Automotive Refinishing Technology:  See National Standards    Off-site - GTCC CAM Campus

  • Automotive Service Technology MLR (High School):  Standards 

  • Automotive Service Technology (PostSecondary):   See National Standards

  • Skill Project Showcase - Transportation:   Standards

  • Auto Tool ID:    Tool List Guide     Standards

  • Aviation Maintenance Technology:  See National Standards

  • Barbering:   2020 Standards    

  • Basic Health Care Skills:  See National Standards

  • Broadcast News Production:  See National Standards

  • Building Maintenance:  See National Standards

  • Cabinetmaking:  See National Standards

  • Skill Project Showcase - Cabinet/Furnituremaking:   Standards

  • Career Pathways Showcase:  See National Standards

  • Carpentry:    Tool List   See National Standards

  • Carpentry 1:  Standards    Score Card    Tool List

  • Skill Project Showcase - Carpentry:   Standards

  • Chapter Business Procedure:  See National Standards

  • Chapter Display:  See National Standards

  • CNC Milling Specialist:  Prep Course  See National Standards

  • CNC Turning Specialist:  Prep Course  See National Standards   

  • CNC Technician:  Prep Course  See National Standards   

  • Collision Repair Technology:  See National Standards     Off-site - GTCC CAM Campus

  • Collision Damage Appraisal:   Standards coming soon

  • Commercial Baking:   2020 NC Contest Addendum      Off-site - GTCC Jamestown

  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT):  Standards

  • Community Service:  See National Standards

  • Computer Programming:  2019 Contest Update See National Standards

  • Construction Core:  Standards     Score Card    Tool List

  • Construction Estimating:    Standards

  • Construction Tool ID:    Standards    Tool List Guide    

  • Cosmetology:   2020 Standards     Long Haircut    Short Haircut    Men's Haircut  

    • Date:  TBD -

    • Location: TBD

  • Cosmetology Beginner Skills:   2020 Standards    

  • Skill Project Showcase - Cosmetology:  Standards   

  • Creed:   Standards

  • Crime Scene Investigation:  See National Standards

  • Criminal Justice:  See National Standards

  • Culinary Arts:  See National Standards   2020 NC Contest Addendum     Off-site - GTCC Jamestown

  • Skill Project Showcase - Culinary:  Standards

  • Customer Service:  See National Standards

  • Cyber Security:    Standards

  • Debate:   Standards     Topics for 2020  

  • Dental Assisting:  See National Standards    Off-site - GTCC Jamestown Campus

  • Diesel Equipment Technology:  See National Standards

  • Digital Cinema Production:  See National Standards

  • Skill Project Showcase - Digital Media:   Standards

  • Drafting 1:   Standards

  • Drone Pilot:   Standards coming soon.

  • Early Childhood Education:  See National Standard

  • Electrical Construction Wiring:   2020 State Tool List       Students ARE REQUIRED to bring Tools and Calculator.   

  • Electrical Construction Wiring  I:   Standards        Sample Project

  • Electronics Technology:  Students ARE REQUIRED to bring Safety Glasses/Goggles.    See National Standards

  • Employment Application Process:  See National Standards

  • EMT:    Standards       CHANGE:  This contest is a TEAM OF 2. 

  • Engineering Technology:  See National Standards

  • Skill Project Showcase - Engineering:   Standards

  • Entrepreneurship:  See National Standards Click here

  • Esthetics:   2020 Standards             2022 Theme (from the national level)DISNEY  

  • Extemporaneous Poster:  Standards

  • Extemporaneous Speaking:  See National Standards

  • Fantasy Hair and Makeup:   2020 Standards       2022 Theme -  DISNEY

  • Firefighting Basic (State Only) :  Standards    2020 State Contest Info

This contest will be based on competencies from Firefighter 1 coursework and is open to students who have not taken any coursework higher than Firefighter 1 at the time of state conference.  

This contest will be based on competencies from Firefighter 1 & 2 coursework and is open to any firefighting student.

  • Firefighting:  2020 State Contest Info   

  • First Aid/CPR:  See National Standards

  • Graphic Communications:  See National Standards

  • Graphic Imaging Sublimation:  See National Standards

  • Hair Coloring:   2020 Standards   

  • Health Knowledge Bowl:  See National Standards

  • Health Occupations Portfolio:  See National Standards

  • Heating, Ventilation, AC, & Refrigeration (HVACR):     Tool List & Competencies 2020 State Contest   See National Standards

    • Date:  TBD 

    • Location:   TBD

  • Industrial Motor Control:  See National Standards    CONTESTANTS MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN TOOLS - Click here for TOOL LIST

  • Information Technology Services:   2020 State Contest Information See National Standards

  • Interactive Application and Video Game Creation:  See National Standards

  • Internetworking:  See National Standards

  • Internetworking 1:  Check Back for Updates

  • Job Interview:  See National Standards

  • Job Skill Demonstration A:  See National Standards

  • Job Skill Demonstration Open:  See National Standards

  • Major Appliance & Refrigeration Technology:  See National Standards

  • Marine Service Technology:  See National Standards

  • Masonry:  See National Standards

The masonry project this year will be selected from one of the projects below.  The selected project will be highlighted on this site.  The Selected project will be announced here on April 6, 2020.


  • Masonry 1:  State Project - 2020

  • Masonry Bulletin Board:  Standards

  • Masonry Estimating:  Standards

  • Mechatronics:  See National Standards

  • Medical Math:  See National Standards

  • Medical Assisting:  See National Standards

  • Medical Terminology:  See National Standards

  • Skill Project Showcase - Medical/Health:   Standards

  • Skill Project Showcase - Metalworking:   Standards

  • Mobile Robotics:   2022 Game Manuals:        High School         PostSecondary        Middle School - coming soon

  • Motorcycle Service Technology:  See National Standards

  • Nail Care:   2020 Standards   

  • Nurse Assisting:  See National Standards

  • Occupational Health and Safety:  See National Standards

  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies:  See National Standards

  • Outstanding Chapter:  See National Standards

  • Photography:   State Contest 2020   

  • Pin Design:  State Standards for 2020     Regional Standards   * For State Competition - Design, Written Component AND Resume must be submitted by April 15, 2020 electronically as specified.

  • Pledge:  Standards

  • Plumbing:  Tool List 2020 State contest     See National Standards & Check Back for Updates

    • Date:  TBD 

    • Location:   TBD

  • Poster:  Standards

  • Power Equipment Technology:  See National Standards

  • Practical Nursing:  See National Standards

  • Prepared Speech:  See National Standards

  • Principles of Engineering/Technology:  See National Standards

  • Promotional Bulletin Board:  See National Standards

  • Quiz Bowl:  See National Standards

  • Related Technical Math:  See National Standards

  • Internet of Things (formerly Residential Systems Installation):  See National Standards

  • Restaurant Service:  See National Standards    2020 NC Contest Addendum    Off-site - GTCC Jamestown

  • Robotics & Automation Technology:  See National Standards

  • Robotics: Urban Search and Rescue:  2020 Challenge Guide / Project   

  • Screen Printing:  See National Standards

  • Sheet Metal:  Tool List & Competencies 2019 State contest   See National Standards

    • Date:  TBD 

    • Location:   TBD

2020 Regional Project     Regional Qualifiers:  The top 5 high school winners from each region will advance to the state contest.  Please see the regional event list and register for one of the Regional Rallies. 

  • Welding - POSTSECONDARYSee National Standards    Tool List     Off-site - GTCC CAM Campus


  • Date:

  • LocationTBD



Welding Fab REGIONAL Project 2020 (HS & CCP only)

  • Welding Art/Sculpture:  See National Standards


Middle School Contests

Below you will find contests for Middle School students:


  • Creed:  Standards

  • Extemporaneous Poster:  Standards

  • Job Skill Demonstration  A:  See National Standards 

  • Job Skill Demonstration Open:  See National Standards 

  • Mobile Robotics:   See above for Game Manual and contest information

  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies:  See National Standards

  • Outstanding Chapter:  See National Standards

  • Pin Design:  See above for NC Contest Guidelines   

  • Pledge:  Standards

  • Poster:  Standards

  • Robotics Urban Search & Rescue:   See above for Challenge Guide and contest information

  • Skill Project Showcase - Middle School:   Standards

  • Spelling:  Standards

  • Team Engineering Challenge:  See National Standards