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Advisor Resources

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry working together to ensure that America has a skilled workforce.  It helps every student excel through the development of the personal skills, workplace skills, and technical skills grounded in academics found in the SkillsUSA Framework.


Below are links to resources that you may find helpful as you start and grow your SkillsUSA Chapter.


Starting Your Chapter


Check out our What's NEW and NOW page under "EVENTS" for exciting and engaging chapter activities!!

2023 Kick-Off Meetings

Postsecondary Kick-Off Meeting - August 25    Recording Password - !zBc&t5B    PowerPoint Slides

Middle School Kick-Off Meeting - August 29    Recording Password - GM6jHm@M    PowerPoint Slides

High School Kick-Off Meeting - August 31      Recording Password - 9lkMz&07    PowerPoint Slides



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