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Officer Applications

Click the title above to access state and regional officer applications and information concerning each office.


Award Applications

SkillsUSA North Carolina offers a variety of special awards for our members and instructors.  Click the title above to see a full list of awards and to download their applications.

Chapter Charter Application  (click here)

We request that you complete a chapter charter as you organize and create your local school chapter.  There is no cost for chapter affiliation.  We will gladly send to you a chapter charter certificate for display in your school.

During your process of organizing and starting your chapter, CLICK HERE for an online Membership Kit and other useful and editable resources that your local chapter can use as you get started.

PLEASE CONTACT US to assist you in your efforts to start your chapter!


Local Chapter Constitution Template  (click here)

You may use this sample constitution (in word.doc format for easy editing) as a base or guideline for editing to your school's desired chapter structure.

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