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CTE Summer Conference

Winston Salem    July 15-19, 2024


SkillsUSA North Carolina will be hosting a variety of workshops during the CTE Summer Conference this year. You can pick the workshops that meet your needs.  No matter where you are in your SkillsUSA journey, these workshops will help you to make SkillsUSA an integral part of your curriculum, your classroom, and your school. 

SkillsUSA Bootcamp    Monday  9:00am - 4:00pm     $20   Pre-Registration Required

Do you and your chapter want to "be the best that you can be"?  How do you and your chapter plan to "get into shape" for the school year?  Want a simple 2-word answer?  Here it is: SkillsUSA Bootcamp!  During this session, we will provide ideas on how to start/run your chapter, how to use Framework skills to engage your members, how to put together a successful Program of Work, how to get the most out of your chapter, and so much more.  You shouldn't be physically tired when this session is over, but you may be mentally exhausted when your brain won't stop thinking about all the awesome things you will do with your members!

CEUs - are based on completing an evaluation for each session you attend:

1. Click ON the Session in your App;


3. Click SUBMIT

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