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Summer Conference - July 18-21, 2022

Winston Salem


SkillsUSA North Carolina will be hosting a variety of workshops during the CTE Summer Conference this year. You can pick the workshops that meet your needs.  No matter where you are in your SkillsUSA journey, these workshops will help you to make SkillsUSA an integral part of your curriculum, your classroom, and your school.  

This Year's Sessions (all sessions are Live & In Person!):

SkillsUSA Bootcamp  Wed 8:00 - 11:30am   $20   Pre-Registration Required

Do you and your chapter want to "be the best that you can be"?  How do you and your chapter plan to "get into shape" for the school year?  Want a simple 2-word answer?  Here it is: SkillsUSA Bootcamp!  During this session, we will provide ideas on how to start/run your chapter, how to use Framework skills to engage your members, how to put together a successful Program of Work, how to get the most out of your chapter, and so much more.  You shouldn't be physically tired when this session is over, but you may be mentally exhausted when your brain won't stop thinking about all the awesome things you will do with your members!

All Sessions below are 1 hour, unless otherwise specified.

SkillsUSA: Help, I'm an advisor & I don't know where to start!  Mon 8:30am 

Is it time to start your chapter anew or maybe start it back up?  Not sure where to start or what to do?  Have no fear, SkillsUSA is HERE!  This workshop will walk you through everything you should need for the journey ahead, plus get all your questions answered.  Can't wait to see everything you achieve!

SkillsUSA: Let's Talk Benefits  Mon 10:30am 

You want how much?  For what?  Ever feel this way about something you paid for?  Fear not!  In this session, we will walk you through all the awesome benefits that come along with our Professional Membership, how/where to access them, and even try a few of them out.  We hope you find this session a steal!    

SkillsUSA: More Than Just A Competition  Mon 1:30pm,  Thurs 10:30am

What goes on at your chapter meetings?   In class, where do you turn to practice "employability skills" or how do you kick off class, fill gaps in class and end class?  If you have been looking for new ideas, then do we have a session for you!  Possibly the best kept secret of SkillsUSA is all the resources available to learn Framework skills.  In this session, we will try on some of these activities so you can get first hand knowledge.  This session has the potential to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys!   

SkillsUSA: The Middle School Years  Mon 3:30pm

Have you ever been a part of something and thought, "Wow, I wish that had been around sooner?"  If so, SkillsUSA makes this happen!  Whether you work with Middle School students opening their eyes to the wonders of Career Technical Education as they develop leadership skills, or have a High School SkillsUSA chapter and would love to have experienced members join you as Freshmen, then this session is calling your name.   We will explore what SkillsUSA looks like at the Middle School level and the benefits it will provide for students as they go throughout their remaining school years.  This is one of those sessions you don't want to miss!   

SkillsUSA: The Individual, The Team, The Championships!  Tues 8:30am,  Wed 3:30pm

The lights are low and a hush falls over the crowd.  First, you are hoping to hear your student's name called.  Then you are hoping it comes after these words, "and in 1st place....."  How do you get to this point?  Join us for this session where we will discuss the Championships piece of SkillsUSA.  We will discuss expectations, standards, clothing, and so much more.  We can't promise you an invitation to the National Conference in Atlanta, but we can promise you some valuable info!  

SkillsUSA: How do you Jump Into STEM!?  Tues 10:30am

Have you wanted more contact with your feeder schools?  Ever considered building interest in your program or your SkillsUSA chapter before they even make it to you?  If so, we have a workshop you won't want to miss.  Jump Into STEM! is a professional membership benefit that showcases 11 of the 16 career clusters, exploring 2 different careers per cluster.  There is an Elementary and a Middle School version.  Best of all, your chapter officers/members facilitate these 22 minute turn key lessons to their younger proteges, just like our own State Officers will facilitate them to you.  You won't want to miss this opportunity!      

SkillsUSA: Our Treasure Map to Success  (2-hour session)  Tues 2:30pm,  Thurs 8:30am

How do I get the gold?  We're glad you asked!  No matter if you are trying to walk on stage to receive a gold medal, become a Chapter of Distinction, Gold Level or if you have another "X marks the spot," it all starts with the SkillsUSA Framework.  This journey will show how the Framework ties into the Program of Work and how they both are utilized in the Chapter Excellence Program.  You won't want to miss all this "rich" information!

Office Hours with SkillsUSA  Mon 9:30am, 2:30pm,  Tues 9:30am,  Wed 3:00pm

Have a question or just want to come hangout.  Perfect!  SkillsUSA will be here to assist anyway we can.  Look forward to seeing you come by for a visit!

CTSO Speed Dating  (1.5-hour session)  Wed 1:00pm

Includes all CTSOs and CDCs 

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