Summer Conference - July  2021  TBD


SkillsUSA North Carolina will be hosting a variety of workshops during the CTE Summer Conference this year. From full-day sessions on how to start a chapter to 90-minute sessions on the SkillsUSA Framework.  You can pick the workshops that meet your needs.  No matter where you are in your SkillsUSA journey, these workshops will help you make SkillsUSA an integral part of your curriculum, your classroom, and your school.  

Possible Sessions:

  • SkillsUSA Advisors Foundations:  Starting & Growing Your Chapter

Full day Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide a simulated chapter experience to help instructors understand the nuances of facilitating the start and growth of your local chapter.  It is ideal for instructors who are just starting their chapter or instructors who have had a chapter and are looking to develop local activities and get students involved in chapter leadership. We will cover:  

  • What is SkillsUSA

  • How to Start a Chapter

  • Developing Chapter Activities 

  • Managing Your Chapter


  • SkillsUSA Chapter Excellence Program Intensive  (90-minute session)


The SkillsUSA Chapter Excellence Program provides an easy-to-follow process for helping develop and strengthen your chapter.  It also provides amazing opportunities for your chapter to be recognized at the state and national level.  Come to learn how to get your chapter engaged in the Chapter Excellence Program, get guidance on how to apply and how to receive recognition.  Ideal for any SkillsUSA advisor.


  • SkillsUSA Framework  (90-minute session)


The SkillsUSA Framework is foundational to every SkillsUSA chapter.  It is key to helping instructors understand the integral nature of SkillsUSA and guide that chapter development.  Learn what the SkillsUSA Framework is and how it can enhance your instructional time, provide structure for your chapter, and guide student development.  Ideal for any teacher that has not been to a SkillsUSA Framework workshop yet

  • SkillsUSA Chapter Basics  (90-minute session)


New to SkillsUSA or need a refresher in how to get your chapter started?  This workshop will walk you through the basic steps to set up your chapter with SkillsUSA along with important information and dates you will need as you get ready for the new school year. 


  • SkillsUSA:  An Integral Part of The Classroom  (90-minute session)

SkillsUSA is an integral part of any CTE classroom.  Learn about some easy to use methods and resources that can help SkillsUSA fit easily into your classroom activities.   Ideal for any SkillsUSA Advisor, CTE instructor, Director, Administrator, or CDC.

  • SkillsUSA:  Competitive Events 101  (90-minute session)


Learn the basics of SkillsUSA competitions and what you need to be successful.  From understanding contest expectations to what uniforms are needed, this workshop will give you the information you need to start getting your students engaged in both technical skill and leadership development competitions. 

  • Jump Into STEM  (90-minute session)


Are you a Middle School teacher wanting to give your students an advantage in figuring out what they want to do when they grow up?  Are you a High School advisor looking for something to do with visiting 8th graders?  Maybe you're interested in having your SkillsUSA members work with Elementary and/or Middle School students?  (These are your future SkillsUSA members!)  Jump into STEM contains 44 interactive and memorable 20 minute sessions, 22 for Elementary and 22 for Middle, exploring STEM careers, 11 of the 16 career clusters, & the value of SkillsUSA.  Come spend some time with us as we let you try on this curriculum that is free with your professional membership.