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CTE Summer Conference

Winston Salem    July 17-21, 2023


SkillsUSA North Carolina will be hosting a variety of workshops during the CTE Summer Conference this year. You can pick the workshops that meet your needs.  No matter where you are in your SkillsUSA journey, these workshops will help you to make SkillsUSA an integral part of your curriculum, your classroom, and your school. 

SkillsUSA Bootcamp    Monday  9:00am - 4:00pm     $20   Pre-Registration Required

Do you and your chapter want to "be the best that you can be"?  How do you and your chapter plan to "get into shape" for the school year?  Want a simple 2-word answer?  Here it is: SkillsUSA Bootcamp!  During this session, we will provide ideas on how to start/run your chapter, how to use Framework skills to engage your members, how to put together a successful Program of Work, how to get the most out of your chapter, and so much more.  You shouldn't be physically tired when this session is over, but you may be mentally exhausted when your brain won't stop thinking about all the awesome things you will do with your members!

SkillsUSA NC: How do I "Benefit" from "Resources"?    Tuesday  9:00-11:00am 

Are you looking for new ways to start class?  Maybe you are in search of fun activities to learn "employability skills".  Or have your chapter meetings just gone flat?  Have no fear because we have a session for YOU!   Possibly the best kept secret of SkillsUSA is all the resources available to learn our Framework skills and many of these are yours free, just by joining as a Professional Member.  In this session, we will try on some of these activities so you can get first-hand knowledge/experience.  This session will get you energized!  


SkillsUSA NC: Help in the name of "Officer"    Wednesday  9:00-11:00am

I have always wanted officers, but I don't know how to begin.  HELP!  I have officers, but I don't know how to fully utilize them.  HELP!  I want to eventually have Regional, State and National Officers, but I don't know how to make this happen.  HELP!  If you have had any of these thoughts, then you need to be here with us for this session as the 2023-2024 SkillsUSA State Officers talk about their journey to the State Office position, what it has been like for them at the local & Regional Level and much, much more.  And for a special treat, they will facilitate an activity with you so you can get a feel of how this would look in a chapter meeting setting.  Don't miss this once in a lifetime session.  Tickets are going fast (just kidding about the tickets!), but this will be a special session.  So make sure and add this one to your agenda!


SkillsUSA for Newbies    Wednesday  2:00-4:00pm

Is it time to start your chapter up or maybe start anew?  Not sure where to start or even what to do?  That's quite alright.  We'll get you there.  Confident, Knowledgeable, and well prepared.  This workshop will walk you through everything you should need for the journey ahead plus get all your questions answered.  Can't wait to see you get started! 


SkillsUSA NC: Framework, Program of Work, Chapter Excellence Program, OH MY!    Thursday  9:00-11:00am

This might not be "Kansas" anymore, but we are on a "Yellow Brick Road" known as the "SkillsUSA Framework"!  And the way to "Oz" is by following the Program of Work.  No matter what the "Wizard" is for you -- getting a job, being a part of CEP, walking on stage to receive your medallion or something else -- it all starts right here!  This journey will show how the Framework ties into the Program of Work and how they both are utilized in the Chapter Excellence Program.  "There is no place like here" so come join us!

SkillsUSA NC: And in 1st place….    Thursday  3:30-4:30pm

The lights are low, and a hush falls over the crowd.  First, you are hoping to hear your student's name called.  Then you are hoping it comes after these words, "and in 1st place....."  How do you get to this point?  Join us for this session where we will discuss the Championships piece of SkillsUSA.  We will discuss expectations, contest standards, clothing, and so much more.  We can't promise you an invitation to the National Conference in Atlanta, but we can promise you some valuable info! 

SkillsUSA NC: Give me an "M" "I" "D" "D" "L" "E" "S" "C" "H" "O" "O" "L"    Friday  9:00-11:00am

Did you know that SkillsUSA starts as soon as Middle School?  You didn't?  Well, there's more!  If you are a Middle School teacher who is looking for ways to engage your students while helping them develop their leadership skills, or you're a High School teacher who wants to have your incoming 9th graders knowledgeable about SkillsUSA, or someone else in Middle or High School who just wants to know more about SkillsUSA, then we have your dream workshop here!   We will explore what SkillsUSA looks like at the Middle School level and the benefits it will provide for students as they go throughout their remaining school years.  This is one of those sessions you can't afford to miss!  

CEUs - are based on completing an evaluation for each session you attend:

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