Summer Conference - July 19-23, 2021


SkillsUSA North Carolina will be hosting a variety of workshops during the CTE Summer Conference this year. You can pick the workshops that meet your needs.  No matter where you are in your SkillsUSA journey, these workshops will help you to make SkillsUSA an integral part of your curriculum, your classroom, and your school.  

This Year's Sessions:

  • SkillsUSA Chapter Basics  Monday July 19  1-2pm

New to SkillsUSA or need a refresher in how to get your chapter started?  This workshop will walk you through the basic steps to set up your chapter with SkillsUSA along with important information and dates you will need as you get ready for the new school year.


  • SkillsUSA Framework / Program of Work / CEP Level 1  Tuesday July 20  8-9am

What is the SkillsUSA Framework?  What is the Program of Work?  What is the Chapter Excellence Program?  How does all of this tie into my SkillsUSA chapter?  Glad you asked!  In this session, we will discuss the Framework and the role it plays in the Program of work and how both of these are important for the Chapter Excellence Program.


  • SkillsUSA:  ABSORB  Tuesday July 20  1-2pm

New to SkillsUSA and wondering what type of membership benefits you might receive when becoming a professional member? Already a professional member, but can't find your benefits.  Then you have made it to the right place!  In this session, we will take you through how to access your benefits in ABSORB along with provide a preview of everything you will receive.


  • SkillsUSA:  CONNECT  Wednesday July 21  8-9am  CANCELLED


  • SkillsUSA Advisor Panel Discussion  Wednesday July 21  1-2pm

Have you ever wanted to sit down with a veteran SkillsUSA advisor and tap into their vast knowledge they've obtained through their journey.  If so, this is your opportunity!  Come join us as this group shares their wealth of knowledge through a panel discussion that ends with an open Q&A.


  • SkillsUSA:  Resources I Can't Live Without  Thursday July 22  8-9am

Perish the thought, but what if SkillsUSA was only going to have 3 resources available.  What would they be?  Come join us as we share with you our favorite 3 and how they look in the classroom and/or chapter meetings.


  • SkillsUSA: What It's Like to Be a State Officer  Thursday July 22  1-2pm

Have you ever thought about what it is like to be a State Officer?  Have you ever wanted to have a State Officer at your school, but was unsure how to promote this to your students.  Have you ever wondered if being a State Officer changed their lives in any way?  If so, have we got a session for you.  Come join us as State Officers from years past share their experiences in a panel discussion format then share even more in a Q&A.


  • SkillsUSA:  Competitive Events 101  Friday July 23  8-9am

Learn the basics of SkillsUSA competitions and what you need to be successful.  From understanding contest expectations to what uniforms are needed, this workshop will give you the information you need to start getting your students engaged in both technical skill and leadership development competitions.