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A brief overview of our major conferences is provided below.  As information is made available for each conference, the heading will become an active link to a page containing registration documents and other critical information.  You may also choose the conference from the Events dropdown menu.  View  the Calendar below for a full list of events and staff travel. 

Postsecondary Leadership Workshop 
Click here for details
NC State Fair Contests
Click here for details
Regional Rallies
Click here for dates
State Leadership and Skills Conference
Click here for details

National Leadership and Skills Conference
Click here for details

State Leadership Leadership Workshop  at Camp Dixie
Click here for details

The calendar provides key events and meetings taking place in SkillsUSA North Carolina.  SkillsUSA North Carolina Staff will be present at the meeting listed.  SkillsUSA North Carolina Staff alternate between their personal offices and the DPI Office as needed.  Staff will be available at the DPI when denoted on the calendar.  If you would like to schedule a meeting with SkillsUSA North Carolina Staff, please fill out the contact request form (click here).  If you need to contact an individual staff person, their contact information is listed below in the red box:

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