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Postsecondary Leadership Workshop &

Delegate Assembly - Feb. 5th

Event Time Frame:  8:30am - 2:00pm  


SkillsUSA is focused on helping students assume leadership roles and taking action, whether at school, at home or in their communities. Our students serve as role models and on teams that get things done.  This one day conference will help SkillsUSA members find their “start button” through action-oriented, high-energy and motivational programming. Our conference is open to all postsecondary SkillsUSA members, both instructors and students.


Please download the Conferende Flyer below for more details.


To register, visit: to login and sign you and your students up.


Every registration includes:  Lunch, SkillsUSA Leadership Handbook, and other great resources!


Download Flyer


Student Track

During the day, students will discover how to ignite the leader in them and how to maximize their potential. Participants will spend time learning what motivates them and how to motivate others. They will take a look at what it means to present a positive image – and the effects that image can have not only on themselves, but also on their school, SkillsUSA, and career and technical education.  Addtionally, students will learn how to get the most out of their SkillsUSA experience and how to grow their SkillsUSA chapter.  They will leave the conference feeling empowered with many of the tools needed for success!

Cost: $20


Advisor (Instructor) Track

Advisors will learn what it takes to start and manage a SkillsUSA chapter.  From getting a student leadership structure set to preparing your chapter for the State Leadership and Skills Competitions, we will help you prepare for the year ahead in SkillsUSA.  If this is your first exposure to SkillsUSA, it is a great place to start.  If you are a veteran advisor looking to enhance your chapter, this workshop is for you as well.  All registered attendees will receive resources to assist you in managing your chapter and to also use to help teach leadership and employability skills in the classroom.

Cost:  $25


Catawba Valley Community College

2550 US 70 - Hickory, NC 28658


Registration Deadline:  Jan. 15 

Payment Deadline:  Feb. 5  


Please fill out the adjacent form and submit it for each person that is registering.


Please remit payment to:

Catawba Valley Community College

Attn: Selena Maxie

2250 Hwy. 70 SE

Hickory, NC 28602


If you have any questions, please contact:

Selena Maxie

828-327-7000 ext. 4307


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