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Contest Links

Specific Contest Standards, Study Guides, Documents, and other Contest-Specific Information.  2021 Virtual-Specific Information is identified in Red.


SkillsUSA Fair Play Pledge (Sign)    SkillsUSA Fair Play Pledge Word.doc Sample

Professional Development Test Study Guide

Video Recording Submissions Helpful Information
Sample Resume


Additive Manufacturing:    2021 NC Adjustments Challenge Packet   

Adobe Digital Design:   NC Standards  

Adobe Video Design:   NC Standards  

Adobe Visual Design:   NC Standards  

American Spirit Award:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Architectural Drafting:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Automotive Beginner (formerly Auto 1):    NC Standards   

Automotive Service Technology MLR (High School):  MLR Standards 

Automotive Tool ID:    NC Standards   Tool List Study Guide

Barbering:    NC Standards for 2021   

Cabinetmaking:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Career Pathways Showcase:    NC Adjustments for 2021

CERT:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Commercial Baking:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Community Action Project:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Community Service:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Construction Core:  NC Standards    

Construction Estimating:    NC Standards

Construction Tool ID:    NC Standards    Tool List Study Guide    

Cosmetology:    NC Standards for 2021   

Creed:   NC Standards    Adjustments for 2021   

Culinary Arts:  NC Adjustments for 2021   

Customer Service:    NC Contest for 2021   

Debate:   NC Standards     Debate Topics for 2021   

Dental:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Diesel:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Drone Pilot:    NC Standards for 2021

Drafting 1:   NC Standards

Electrical Construction Wiring:    NC Adjustments for 2021    

EMT:    NC Standards    

Engineering Tech & Design:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Esthetics:    NC Standards for 2021   

Extemporaneous Speaking:    NC Standards for 2021   

HVAC-R:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Job Skill Demonstration  A & Open:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Masonry Estimating:  NC Standards

Nail Care:    NC Standards for 2021   

Outstanding Chapter:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Photography:   NC State Contest 2021    

Pin Design:  NC State Standards for 2021    

Pledge:  NC Standards    Adjustments for 2021   

Poster:   NC Standards    NC Standards for 2021   

Prepared Speech:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Principles of Engineering:    NC Adjustments for 2021

Restaurant Service:  NC Adjustments for 2021   

Skill Project Showcase:   NC Standards for 2021    Categories:  Cabinet/Furnituremaking, Carpentry, Cosmetology, Culinary, Digital Media, Engineering, Medical/Health, Metalworking, Transportation, Middle School

Spelling:  NC Standards

T-Shirt Design:  NC State Standards for 2021  

Technical Drafting:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

TeamWorks:   Recorded video presentation. Teams will receive a plan approx. 1 week before the 15th. Teams will work with their advisor (remotely) to create a plan for building the project and then a 5 minute recorded presentation. All team members must participate, submit a resume, and submit an OSHA 10.  More information to come.

Welding Fabrication:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

Welding Sculpture:    NC Adjustments for 2021   

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